Raised Floor-1

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Datacenter raised flooring systems to provide space to accommodate power cable, chilled water piping, refrigerant piping, data cable, ground wire grid. Most importantly raised floor helps in distribution of cold air in the data center which installed with downflow type precision air conditioner. Access floor help to distribute cold air in all corners of a room with less energy waste. A disadvantage of raised access floor that there is the limitation of floor loading and it is difficult to determine a seismic rating of datacenter equipped with access flooring. It is always desirable to have a high load-bearing capacity for flooring.


The raised floor is a physical structure made up of square shape movable tiles which supported by height adjustable legs called pedestal and which constitute parallel floor between room floor and room roof to create service area. It is also called Access floor or Raised Access floor. This false floor is commonly used in a data center, server room, telecom rooms, laboratories etc. The primary objective of using the raised floor in Datacenter is to create an easily accessible service area. Raised floor tile made up of different material while raised floor pedestal is made up of galvanized steel. Each pedestal connected with adjacent other four pedestals with horizontal metal frame called stringer to make whole structure more rigid.


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