UPS for Smart Data Center


We, OPTIMAL TECHNOLOGY LTD. offers Data Center Solutions offers end-to-end rackmount solutions. Our solution engineers have worked in hundreds of data centers and can confidently recommend the best rackmount accessories for your environment; including rack power strips, rackmount shelves, rackmount LCD monitors. Rackmount keyboard drawers, rack monitoring devices, and cable management products.

We know that sometimes you need a server rack or cabinet that is customized for your very challenging application. We can work with you to design a solution that will be tailored to your needs-that can likely be delivered more quickly than you expect.

Explore some accessories:

Rackmount Monitors, Panels, & Keyboard Drawers
Blanking Panels
Integral Raised Floor Grommet
Cable Management
Server Rack Shelves
Rack PDUs
Server Rack Fans and Rack Mount Enclosure Fan Assemblies
Rack Mounting Hardware
Rack Cooling
Environmental/Rack Monitoring