Server Racks & Cabinets



We, OPTIMAL TECHNOLOGY LTD. offers Data Center Solutions offers end-to-end rackmount solutions. Our solution engineers have worked in hundreds of data centers and can confidently recommend the best rackmount accessories for your environment; including rack power strips, rackmount shelves, rackmount LCD monitors. Rackmount keyboard drawers, rack monitoring devices, and cable management products.

We know that sometimes you need a server rack or cabinet that is customized for your very challenging application. We can work with you to design a solution that will be tailored to your needs-that can likely be delivered more quickly than you expect.

Explore some accessories:

  1. Rackmount Monitors, Panels, & Keyboard Drawers
  2. Blanking Panels
  3. Integral Raised Floor Grommet
  4. Cable Management
  5. Server Rack Shelves
  6. Rack PDUs
  7. Server Rack Fans and Rack Mount Enclosure Fan Assemblies
  8. Rack Mounting Hardware
  9. Rack Cooling
  10. Environmental/Rack Monitoring