We, Optimal Technology Ltd. offers, how to implement High Density of Users Wireless Network Design and consideration for Intelligent Building, auditorium-style room, lecture halls, hotel ballrooms, and convention centers, Meeting Room, conference room, University campus are typical examples of spaces with this requirement. Because the number of concurrent users on an AP is limited, to serve such a large number of devices requires access point (AP) densities well more than the usual AP per 2,500 – 5,000 ft2 (225 – 450 m2). Such coverage areas, therefore, have many unique technical design challenges. This solutions guide provides the design principles, capacity planning methods, and physical installation knowledge needed to deploy High-density WLANs successfully.Wireless Solutions for Intelligent Building

High-density WLANs are defined as RF coverage zones with a large number of wireless clients and APs in a single room. With the proliferation of wireless-enabled personal and enterprise mobile devices, a surprisingly diverse range of facilities need this type of connectivity:

Large meeting rooms
Lecture halls and auditoriums
Convention center meeting halls
Hotel ballrooms
Stadiums, arenas, and ballparks
Press areas at public events
Concert halls and amphitheaters
Airport concourses
Financial trading floors