Management Team


Management Team:

The Chairman and the Managing Director of Optimal Technology Limited are appointed by the Board of Directors and are responsible for the daily management of the company as directed by the Board. Mr. Md. Ashraful Islam Siddique, Chairman of Optimal Technology Limited, guides the senior management on a day to day basis on the overall governance of the company and also has a keen interest in the R&D wing of the company. Mr. Md. Atiqur Rahman is the appointed Managing Director of the company and focuses in particular on the recruitment of senior executives, sales and profitability, marketing, expansion, and development of new projects.

Mr. Md. Jaynul Hasan is the Chief Executive Officer of the company and oversees the everyday operations and functionality of the company. He monitors the work program of the organization and reports to the company’s Chairman and Managing Director. He administers the designing, improvement and implementation phases the company uses to deliver its services. Mr. Md. Alam Hossain is the Director (HR & Admin) and Mr. Md. Abu Sayed is the Director (Technical) of the company and oversees the company HR and Lead the technical team accordingly.

Mr. Md. Ashraful Islam Siddique


Mr. Md. Atiqur Rahman

Managing Director

Mr. Md. Jaynul Hasan

Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Md. Alam Hossain

Director (HR & Admin)

Md. Abu Sayed

Director  (Technical)

Key Persons

Mr. Md. Asifur Rahman

Solutions Architect

Md. Towfiqur Rahman

Manager – Enterprise Solutions