High-speed 40 Gigabit Copper Solutions

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TERA® Category 8.2 System

  • Exceeds ISO/IEC category 8.2/Class II Specifications for 2-Connector, 30-Meter Class II Channels
  • Delivers a Bandwidth of 2000 MHz to Support Advanced 25 and 40 Gb/s (25 & 40GBASE-T)
  • Offers the Reach to Support a Broader Range of Switch-to-Server Architectures, Including MoR, EoR and ToR
  • Supports Autonegotiation and Backwards Compatibility to Support Ethernet Applications from 1 to 40 Gb/s


Siemon’s end-to-end TERA Category 8.2 copper cabling system was founded on our Siemon TERA connector that was originally chosen as the ISO/IEC 11801 interface for category 7A/Class FA and easily achieved new Category 8.2 compliance. The TERA connector when combined with Siemon’s category 8.2 S/FTP 2000 MHz cable and patch cords delivers a complete end-to-end system that exceeds ISO/IEC category 8.2/Class II specifications for 2-connector, 30-meter Class II channels for switch-to-server applications in the data center. The TERA Category 8.2 system provides enhanced internal and alien crosstalk and insertion loss performance over Category 8/8.1 RJ45-based systems.

TERA Category 8.2 outlets are easily installed in Siemon’s TERA-MAX patch panels, and the Category 8.2 TERA-to-RJ45 patch cords are ideal for 2-connector switch-to-server connections in end of row (EoR) and middle of row (MoR) data center architectures. Siemon also offers a Category 8 compatible RJ45-to-RJ45 patch cord for direct attach switch-to-server connections used in top of rack (ToR) deployments. TERA Category 8.2 pre-terminated trunking cable assemblies are also available as an easy-to-install and cost-effective alternative to individual field-terminated channels, featuring six-leg, double-ended cables with preterminated outlets that snap easily into panels, a high-strength closed mesh sheath for snag-free handling, and unique orientation and identification for superior management and administration.


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