Why is UTP Cable Performance (Headroom) Important to Your Network?

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Transferring data over your network relies on ‘link performance’, i.e. the cable/component’s ability to transfer a signal while retaining its original information content.  A minimum level of performance is required, and this is measured during testing by the amount of ‘headroom’ that is left. Headroom is affected first by the quality of components used, second, by cable length, third, by cable handling and fourth, by termination quality. The better the quality of materials, the shorter the cable length runs, the better the cable handling during installation and the better the termination all equal a larger link headroom.

UTP Cable Headroom

Each system provides users with headroom assurance that will exceed ANSI/TIA-568-C.2 Category 6 and ISO 11801 Edition 2.1 Class E standards for the following key electrical parameters: Insertion Loss (IL), Near-End Crosstalk (NEXT), Power Sum NEXT, ACR-N, Power Sum ACR-N, ACR-F, Power Sum ACR-F, and Return Loss. You should be aiming for as large as headroom as possible.  the larger the headroom, the more allowance your links have for being able to transmit data quickly and accurately and the more able they are to function when they come into contact with environmental issues, crosstalk or noise.


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